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LOLitics Australia

We like a well hung parliament

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All Members , Moderated

1. This is a light-hearted, humourous discussion comm about Australian politics. Posts should be on topic, and that means they should centrally feature Australian politics/politicians, provoke discussion, and be funny. Beyond that, well, we're pretty easily pleased. Witty commentary, fanart, videos, news excerpts, photos, fic, macros are all fair game. I am still working on a set of more detailed posting guidelines. Until then, please use your best judgement.

2. Given we are still just a wee little comm, feel free to make up your own tags as necessary. I'll keep an eye for duplicates and redundant tags as we go. This might change once we have a good workable list.

3. Please flock any fanfic posts. Just to be on the safe side.

4. This is not the place for serious debate. The discussion here should be more along the lines of zombie apocalypses or how our glorious leaders take their Vegemite toast. If you must mention you srsbsns opinions, please do so only in passing and try not to derail the discussion. If you want to have a serious discussion, please let me know. Non-mod approved posts will be deleted.

5. Play nice. A bit of good-natured teasing is fine, but be sensible about it.

6. All opinions are welcome, unless they are racist, ableist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic or otherwise contain the idea that one group of people is better/deserves more than another group of people based on things nobody can choose. If your opinions are any of those things, please just fuck off now and save us all the hassle.

7. The comm is neutral on shipping. You're certainly welcome to bring as many political crack ships as you want with you to the comm (or jump on board them when you get here), but you don't need to ship things in order to mock politics, so shipping is strictly optional.

8. Get involved! I promise we are a very friendly, easy going bunch.

9. If in doubt, use the Contact a Mod post or PM me and we'll either hug it out or I'll bring down the mod hammer. Whichever is more appropriate.


This discussion is primarily satirical in nature. Most statements made in this comm have little or no relation to reality, and are in no way malicious. We exist for the lulz, that is about it. The views expressed by individuals within the comm probably do not represent the views of the whole comm.
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