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We like a well hung parliament

And yet another #spill...
howling wolf
Just in case anyone hasn't heard...

Gillard calls leadership ballot for 7pm

(Warning: Age website auto-play video, sod them.)

Apparently (I've been following the Texas debate) there were rumours of a petition circulating asking Gillard to resign as leader.

Gillard has said she'll stand, and if she loses she'll retire from politics after September. She's called on anyone who stands and loses to do the same.

My mood is wavering between "it's ON bitches!" and "oh, ffs..."

Queensland Floods Appeal
It's a godawful small affair
Here is the link to the Red Cross Floods Appeal. If you can spare anything, please give. Quite a lot of the state is completely fucked, and rebuilding is going to take a lot of time, effort, and cash.

Julia Gillard's End of the World Address
If you want sanity you can have mine.

Just thought I would leave this here while I die laughing.

If you want sanity you can have mine.
T minus 5 minutes.

Good bye, Whyalla, it was nice having you. Or will it survive until 12.30EST because it is in SA? Who knows?

How is everyone spending their last night before the Carbocalypse? Craig Emerson is spending it having fun on Twitter.

Not so lol-itics
Okay, it really isn't funny at all, but I just need to say goddamn this Peter Slipper thing. There are so many things I hate about this situation that I can't coherently rant about them in one post. Sexual harrassment sucks. Government administrations being thrown into turmoil because of someone's personal actions sucks. The way this is going to throw budget week into disarray sucks. And not that I don't love Harry Jenkins, but Slipper was a really good Speaker. :(

(Though given how much has leaked about the budget I doubt there would have been much new content to report on anyway.)

I feel bad about complaining about my job so much last week. Please take me back to the Victorian Parliament with their bad grasp of grammar and meandering speeches about potato farms.

Bishop/Rudd- I ship it
'Guise, 'guise. Hai. New here. I'm probably breaking more than a dozen rules here. I've gone a bit crazy over Clameron stuff for the past four months... But then recently, returning back to good ol' Australia, I've suddenly started shipping Julia Bishop and Kevin Rudd together... As friends! Friends, I tell you! Not the unf sense! (Well, not yet anyways. :x)

Look at them being all cross party comrade-ish!

Article with the above picture here.

And a bit of video footage of some bonding from yonks ago! (AKA last year)

Aren't they adorable? xD

(If I'm being a stupid little tit, feel free to exterminate the post, Mod. :D)

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If you want sanity you can have mine.
This just popped up on my Twitter feed. Enjoy.

I bring you the Word of Crabb
Other - Language
And if Mr Rudd or Ms Gillard could speak frankly about the current impasse, what would they say? Their silent tussle is surely the most nihilistic in Labor's organisational memory. It's not about clashing, passionately-held convictions, or the parties' spirited disagreement on what to do about schools, or nukes, or Syria. It's a classic corner-office dispute of numbing mundanity. She thinks he shouldn't be prime minister because he's nuts. He thinks she shouldn't be prime minister because she's hopeless. And that's about the size of it. Caucus members now arrange themselves into Team Bloodnut and Team Bowlcut, driven by nothing except the clinical extent of their own despair.

At the Drum, as usual.

(Apologies for the mental-ableist language, I'm figuring the lulz are worth it.)

A Shocking Twist
If you want sanity you can have mine.
K.Rudd has resigned as Foreign Minister.

ALP, I want to love you. I want you shower you with my lefty-liberal political support, but you make it so damn hard all the time.

eta News from Twitter, expect a statement from Gillard at 7pm.

eta the second From Latika Bourke's Twitter: BREAKING - Senior Labor source tells me Prime Minister Julia Gillard will call a leadership ballot for Monday. #respill


K.Rudd, the Happy Little Vegemite
If you want sanity you can have mine.
I'm going to hazard a guess and say a bunch of political nerds such as yourselves have probably seen this already, but I feel it should be posted here anyway.

Warning for strong language.


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